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Welcome to Team FDC!

Who and what is Team FDC?  We are group of friends and family training for the Life Time Miami Marathon and Half Marathon and we are always open to meeting new people on this journey.

Over the past 14 years, Team FDC has made marathoners out hundreds of people who may never have thought of running or walking. As great as the “getting there” and completing the races have been, the memories remain in the journey that got us all there, the friendships made and the lessons learned.

Team FDC is led by several RRCA Certified Coaches and will give you the opportunity to reach a goal you may have never thought possible. It will provide a memorable experience that will change your life. It will change how you view yourself, your health and your fitness. Come run/walk with us and break down those walls that limit who you can be.

If you have the desire to do this for yourself, we have the Training Group that will get you across the finish line!  Come join us! It’s a decision you will not regret and will soon not forget!

Beginner Running Tips
Training Tips

Beginner Running Tips - Most Important Tips on How to Start Running!  Great and simple to understand  video on how to get started.  Its never too late! (From

Building Your Base - The Importance of Easy Running!  Great video and simple to understand on the importance of easy running before moving into tempo run and speed work.

About Us

Formed from a small group training for the 2009 ING Miami Marathon, Team FDC Miami has grown organically with the sole goal of empowering folks in our community to challenge themselves and discover a better version of themselves!  We do this...because we can!

Miami Marathon

Miami Marathon and Half Marathon Promo video from LifeTime. Great promo that captures the spirit of the race.  A celebration of our city and our people.

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