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"Run when you can, walk if you have to,

crawl if you must, just never give up!"

- Dean Karnazes

About Us

Team FDC Miami is a Miami marathon training group. It is about humility, perspective and empowerment.  It's for anyone.  Anyone can do it if they are willing to commit to the process and have the discipline to train.  The support is unmatched.  Team FDC emphasizes the "team" part of the name and makes this experience much more than just crossing a finish line!



Team FDC Miami has a 23 week Full Marathon Training program and a 20 week Half Marathon Training program led by RRCA Certified Run Coaches with the Miami Marathon and Half Marathon as the goal race.  We have runners, walkers, and those that also go the run/walk Galloway Method.  We have all paces training. 

Whether you are out to set a PR or you are out to complete your first marathon or half marathon, we can get you there! The victory is in the journey.  Challenge yourself to discover what you are capable of!



Throughout the season, we will host socials to give the team an opporunity to interact and get to know one another outside of the typical weekend long runs.  In the past few seasons, we have hosted the Sports Grill Beer Mile, the Blue Martini Happy Hour, the FDC Holiday Happy Hour and we sulminate the season with a team dinner before the race.

The socials allow us that time to celebrate each other in a casual and enjoyable atmosphere!  We look forward to seeing you there.



There is more to completing a marathon or half marathon than just putting one foot on front of the other.  Getting there is also understanding and learning what it takes to get there.  With RRCA Coaches at each location, you are being guided by cerified coaches.  Relevant information will be shared as the season progresses. 


From Proper Footwear, Nutritional and Fueling, Run Mechanics and Injury Prevention clinics, you will be guided on the intangibles needed to get you to the finish line.

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